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Secunderabad Old Pictures

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Maula Ali Hill

Trimulgherry Entrenchment

Tomb of Secunderabad

The Residency

The Picquet Tank, Secunderabad

Talpur Tombs

St John's Church, Secunderabad.

Scotch Kirk and Cemetery, Secunderabad.

R.C. Cathedral, Secunderabad

Public Rooms, Secunderabad.

Public Rooms, interior, Secunderabad.

Musi River view

Moul Ali, 1902-03. 752526

Moul Ali, 1902-03. 752525

Mir Alum Tank, 1902-03

Mir Alum Lake

Masonic Lodge and Picquet Tank

Maidan from the west, Secunderabad

Maidan from Flagstaff, Secunderabad

James Street, Secunderabad

Husain Sauger from railway. 1

Husain Sauger from railway

Husain Sagar Tank from Secunderabad

Husain Sagar Tank from Saifabad

HH the Nizam's Railway, Poosapally gorge

Heap Stead of Singareni Coal Fields

General view of Trimulgherry

General view from Transport Karkhana, Secunderabad

General view from One Tree Rock, Secunderabad

Bund, Miralum Tank, 1902-03


KK said...

Wonderful collection of photos ! Wish all of them had the year stamped as well :-)

Naresh Chittepu said...

most wndrfl pic..........nc

Philliph Anthony Sherratt said...

Nice Collection Admin ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜

Philliph Anthony Sherratt said...

Nice Collection Admin ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜

A S MURTY said...

I was looking for photos of the Trailer and Double Decker buses of Secunderabad (and Hyderabad) of the 1960s. In case you can give the link, I would be grateful. You can send the link to my email : rafimurty@gmail.com Thanks

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